Improve your AMPscript coding skills with a 30-day challenge and learn to personalize your emails and landing pages using AMPscript.

  • Explore AMPscript to customize emails and CloudPages.
  • Enhance your emails with dynamic, personalized content.
  • Practice real-world scenarios in retrieving and using data.

This unique program is designed to help you improve your coding skills in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Whether you're new to AMPscript or want to enhance your expertise, this 30-day challenge offers practical tasks to personalize and customize email communications and CloudPages. Each day, you'll complete challenges that build your skills in using AMPscript to retrieve and manipulate data from data extensions, inject dynamic content into your emails, and more. You'll also have access to resources and solutions to guide your learning. By the end of the program, you'll have a thorough understanding of AMPscript and receive a certificate and badges to showcase your proficiency.

  • Daily challenges to improve AMPscript coding skills.
  • Learn effective email and page personalization.
  • From basic syntax to advanced data handling.
  • Learn how to create personalized emails using AMPscript.
  • Become an expert in using AMPscript for marketing automation.
  • Demonstrate your skills with a certificate and digital badges.

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